The Word of God helps us to understand that the just shall live by faith, not by human organised religious doctrines, laws and constitution or Static theology. Now, “Faith” is not just to believe in something and then claim it, faith is prophetic; it is a spiritual truth revealed by God to man which man has to bring into physical manifestation through sacrifice and patience...

While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal (2Corinthians4:18).

Faith sees beyond the realm of mortality into immortality. For instance, Enoch was in middle of the Age of conscience and spiritually viewed clearly the second coming of Jesus Christ after the kingdom age which is the seventh dispensation. He saw Jesus Christ coming with the perfected and glorified Immortal saints. When Enoch visualized the possibility of reaching immortality without tasting physical death, he pursued it on gradual process until he was translated.(Genesis5:24, Hebrews 11:5,Jude1:14-15) God revealed to a man named Simeon in the Old Testament that he will not see death until he saw the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Then, Simeon based on that revelation lived until Christ was born, that is faith (Luke2:25-26). Faith is not blind, when the scripture says that we walk by faith, not by sight: it means focusing on what the eyes of the heart have seen regardless of what is physically happening around us. It is obvious that the only kind of faith believer’s today practice is the faith to claim material possessions, “name it and claim it”.  God accept only the work done according to His eternal purposes; if you want to please God, you must first see what God is doing in the heavenly realm and then bring it into physical manifestation at the same time like Jesus Christ(John 5:19), according to the scripture whatsoever that is not of faith is sin (Romans14:23).

As Mentioned earlier, faith sees beyond the realm of mortality into immortality, Faith is the spiritual reality seen by the eyes of the heart. The just shall live by faith means that a justified man shall lives based on what God reveals instead human ideologies, or a justified man shall lives accurately based on what the spiritual eyes has seen, which must be in line with the written word of God… (2Corinthians4:18). 

Now, our inner eyes can be sharpened through fasting, prayer, studying and daily meditation. Oftentimes, we need to separate ourselves from everyone and every activity to spend time alone with God. It’s good to pray with a group of true Christians, but it ‘s more important to spend time alone with the Spirit. Avoid gossiping completely; always mind your own business! To discipline your tongue, eyes and ears is vital to develop your inner eyes. What you watch and listen to will determine what fills your heart and it’s from the abundance of the heart that your mouth speaks (Mathew12:34). You can’t watch dirty movies, listen to filthy music and foolish discussions, and expect to see spiritually the holy things of heaven and speak life-giving words. When you filter what you see, hear and say daily, the eyes of your heart will begin to sharpen. You should know that there’s no other way to live for God than to walk in the spirit; living by what our spirit accurately perceives about God and the inward witness of the Holy Spirit.