Why is it that the prosperity teaching is working only for those super star preachers who are spreading it, and it’s not working for those religious masses who give them tithe and offering? Jesus said that a good shepherd laid down his life for the sheep (John 10:11), but why is it that today, it is the sheep who are laying their lives down for the shepherds; the leaders in today’s church are the first to drive fine cars, live in expensive houses and mansions, and own private jets, using the monetary contributions of the their followers! While their church members return home to endure sleepless nights, thinking of where their next meal will come from or how their bills are going to be paid?

Jesus says….(“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Mathew6:19-21).

How can one who claims to have the Spirit of God live among the un-evangelized and the poorest communities and boast of being the richest pastor with the largest congregation? Just imagine a place like Africa where there is much political instability, ethnic conflicts and high rates of poverty. There is hunger everywhere in the continent of Africa, and HIV/AIDs and other epidemics continue to claim the lives African children in large numbers. 

It is estimated that in sub-Saharan Africa, measles takes the life of a child nearly every minute of every day, and this is true because I have been there! An effective measles vaccine costs as little as $1 per child, and more than 50 percent of Africans suffer from water-related diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, infant diarrhea, dysentery, river blindness, etc. Lack of good drinking water is a major problem in almost all African villages especially among the desert dwellers of Niger, Chad, Burkina-Faso, Mali, Sudan Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somali, Djibouti and many other countries in Africa. Who will believe that African pastors and Bishops are still gathering these poor people together to collect their money using the name of Jesus Christ? While the African children are suffering and dying in large numbers daily, these false church leaders are busy spending their money on mansions, and acquiring multiple private jets and expensive cars.... 

Some of the churches in Africa, especially those in Nigeria estimated net worth are $15 - 170 million. It is reported that some Nigerian pastors earn an annual salary of $150,000, 200,000, 400, 000 and so on, in additional to the money they acquire through their private business enterprise. Some own private schools that are too expensive for the average Nigerian child to attend…. 

Most the "gospel ministers" in Africa have the financial capacity to assist a whole nation like Niger Republic, but they refuse to, they wait for America to come help poor Africans. It is a pity, and a downright shame that some of the most popular American preachers go to Africa to raise money. I remember a time when an American Pentecostal preacher came to preach in a certain church in Nigeria and people were made to pay for seats, they were paying N600, then “600” was a a lot of money. People must come to the full realization that ninety nine percent of the super star celebrity pastors and bishops in Christendom today are the antichrists!!!!!!!!

My people, Shine your eyes, think, make use of your common sense, and don’t let them fool you with mere religious label "men of God"! We all have equal access to God, so stop depending on pastors and prophets, and start going direct to the Father through Jesus Christ our Lord!