Believing in or having faith in Jesus Christ isn’t an assurance that you’ll prosper financially as the modern day Pentecostal preachers has made their followers to believe. The truth of the matter is that one can be doing well financially not believing in Christ and begin to have financial difficulties after coming to Christ. It’s also possible that a person can come to Christ without having anything, then afterwards become a financial pillar to support God’s Kingdom advancement on earth. Depending on God’s eternal counsel or specific assignment/purpose for each individual, He can allow one to have a rigorous wilderness experience in efforts to perfect your character to be used perhaps as a missionary to reach the Islamic desert dwellers in the Middle East, North Africa, and other places. God can discipline and mature one spiritually by allowing him/her to lose money and possessions, after the person passes through His process completely, God can possibly commit true riches (knowledge, wisdom or a spiritual gift) into that person’s hand so that he or she can accurately discern and support what God is doing on earth without seeking the praises of men. It’s God who decides how he wants to use us, He can’t be bribed with tithes or offerings and no one can change God’s eternal decision! Having too much or too little isn't what determines who is serving the Living God; it’s the measure of Christ in you that determines if you truly know Him. Anyone who tells you that paying your tithes will make you financially rich is just lying to you, preachers these days are deceiving their blind audience using “the book of Malachi chapter 3:6-12”, however these scriptures don’t mention anything about receiving money in return when you pay tithes. Giving is a very good thing, (I’m not talking about tithes) especially when God’s Spirit is directing you showing you where, when, how and to whom you should give. Giving is God’s nature; we must give out of love, compassion and kindness without any anticipation of financial breakthroughs! The focus of a sincere “truth seeker” will never be on material things but on conformity to God’s accurate standard!  Conforming to Christ’s image and likeness can cost you anything, even your own life… 

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple….(Luke 14: 25-27) 

In the above scripture, Jesus is not speaking in parable; He is giving us the Cost of Being a Disciple. There is a great price in coming and remaining true disciple of Jesus Christ, let none of these Pentecostal lying financial prosperity preachers deceive you! You can’t follow the eternal path of sanctification, purification, perfection and glorification without paying the price. It is a pity most people think that coming to Christ is what will grant them financial success, if that is your mind you’ve been deceived!  Just look around yourself and you’ll discover that the majority of the world’s riches people are the illuminati or New agers, who don’t believe in the reality of the one true God, and they’re certainly not paying tithes to any pastor or bishop! May the Lord open our eyes of understanding!