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n the first century, neither Jesus nor His early apostles built any cathedral and named it church headquarters; all of the local believers’ meetings mentioned in the bible were autonomous. There was no such thing as a “general overseer”, Christian missionaries and preachers were being called and sent out by the Holy Ghost not by men (Galatians1:1). And as they went forth to preach the gospel, no bishop or general overseer tried to control them; the people were led by the Holy Spirit to carry out their assignments, it was the Holy Ghost who directed them where to go  preach and where not to preach (Act16:6-10). Their message was given directly by God through the Holy Ghost (Act13:1-4, 11-12). The Jerusalem church was not regarded as the headquarter church and Simon Peter was just a brother, not a general overseer. No one requested that the churches planted by the Jewish apostles outside of Jerusalem should be collecting tithes and offerings to send to the Jerusalem church as the headquarters. 

The Nicolaitanes started the system whereby they would manipulate gathered large crowds of people; they presided over these people and established the place as their headquarter church. Nicolaitanes bishops train up young ministers and place them on a good monthly salary, and then send the people out to plant branches of their churches in a foreign country, not for the sake of winning souls for Christ, but instead to use the missionaries to generate income. The young preachers go to other places and set up churches for the sending bishops, they will then be asked by the general overseer to collect the offerings and tithes from the people and send the money to the headquarter church, and it doesn’t end there; these people that they send out mostly preaches only what the sending bishop or general overseer is preaching, and all of his activities are conducted according to the general overseers instructions. In most cases the young minister must go to a country where the economy is booming, so that they will be able to send a good return back to their sending overseers.  If the sent out pastors deviate from their policies, for instance, preach a revelation contrary to what the “G.O.” is preaching; their salaries will be withdrawn and they will be forcefully retracted from the mission field. Christians need to realize that the Nicolaitanes system is even stronger in today’s Christianity; the pastors working with denominational churches can tell you the truth; they are all prisoners under bishops or general overseers. Pastors working with organizational churches cannot preach where God is leading them or preach the current message that the Holy Ghost is revealing to them, they must go to the place appointed by their church leaders and adhere to their sending church doctrine and mission policies, which is one of the reasons why Christian cross-cultural ministers are not making any impact. Text Box: Page|69Vision and strategies must come from God, not from the “general overseer” or mission board; not all policies are effective in all nations, and tactics used in one country may not work in another because people are different and have different beliefs and traditions. All countries and even cities, towns and villages within the same country view things differently and have different approaches towards things. In some countries where there is no freedom of religion, a missionary has to pioneer underground work, and in other places he can freely walk around to tell people about Christ and set up discipleship centers.  Missionaries must work with the Holy Spirit. Most church leaders want to take charge over those sent out pastors and control them simply because they are supporting them financially. The posting and withdrawing system of missions is an anti-God principle, whereby the senior pastors relax in their air-conditioned offices, send out immature Christians as missionaries and preside over them directing them where to go to set up their religious organizations. They dictate what they should preach to the people, the amount of offerings and tithes they are expected to return to their sending church and determine when to withdraw them from a particular field and post them to another place. Christians must be led by the Holy Spirit to carry out their tasks in the field. 

Jesus despises the Nicolaitanes church-networking principle because it is a great business empire. The present church leaders are selling “church” as a franchise! Imagine if a Bishop or an overseer is presiding over a 20,000-30.000 congregation in a place he calls his headquarter church, and has about 1000 branches of his churches planted abroad in different countries led by his own-trained junior ministers, and each branch of his church has at least 2000-5000 members. The bishop is collecting offerings and tithes in each church meeting from the 20,000-30,000 people seated under him in the headquarter branch; then, at the end of each month the bishop’s junior pastors will make an account for the bishop in his church, giving him the offerings and tithes of their church members, Afterwhich; the senior pastor will pay salaries to his overseas pastors. Can someone tell me any business that is more lucrative than this evil Nicolaitanes denominational system of Church? The Nicolaitanes networking system is what most pastors and bishops (especially in Africa) have used to secure great wealth, what is reigning for African Bishops now is to own private jets, most have gotten up to two or three private Jets through wrong church networking principles. It is pure evil for example, for someone to go another country and establish a church, return and expect the people to collect their tithes and offerings to send to you. Every local gathering place must be independent; for instance, if a Brazilian pastor travels to South Africa and establishes a church, he must endeavor to train up South African nationals as leaders and freely hand over the church to them when going. He need not call his brother from Brazil to come take over the church in Africa. All offerings and tithes collected in South Africa should be used in developing poor South African communities, not to be sent back to Brazil. I have been to South Africa and have seen many foreign churches in the country but none is headed by the South African Nationals. We called out people must work together to break down this Nicolaitanes system dominating Christians in the structural church, it is also wrong to charge people fees in order to train them in bible school; discipleship is be free. It is bad that in Africa some structural churches are collecting from fifty dollars upward to admit people into “new membership and baptismal classes”, I actually witnessed this ludicrasey in Johannesburg South Africa! Soon people will be paying gate fees before entering into “church” buildings. May the peace of the Lord be upon every soul who stands for the truth!


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