Why I’m writing about mission

 believe there are many interesting topics to write about, but I’m convinced that Jesus Christ wants us to review our assignment and the strategies that the churches have adopted for many years to ensure whether or not they are accurate. I don’t see what will stop the Lord from coming if we are fulfilling the great commission accordingly. It’s upsetting to see people intentionally replacing the truth with falsehood; the work of missions today has become an avenue to rob people. The early apostles of Jesus Christ were laboring to see that the kingdom of God has come down on earth, which was the reason they all laid down their lives for the task. For the sake of the kingdom of God, Peter was crucified in Rome with his body upside down and Andrew was nailed to a tree at Edessa, he hung on the tree for two days in pain, on the third day he died still preaching Jesus. James (son of Zebedee) was killed by the sword of Herod in Jerusalem and John was put into boiling oil at Jerusalem; he was not harmed and was exiled to Patmose Island then later died at Ephesus. Philip was hung from a pillar at Hiropolis; Bartholomew was burned to death by the Armenian king, Mathew was killed in Ethiopia, Thomas was speared to death at Mylapur (near Chennai in India), James was pushed down from the top of a temple and then beaten to death by a club. Jude (Thaddaeus) was killed by an arrow in the town of Oruch. Simon, the Zealot was crucified in Persia, Mathias was stoned then beheaded, Emperor Nero in Rome beheaded Paul, Mark was dragged along the main street of Alexandria in Egypt and died, Luke was hung on a big olive tree in Greece, and Barnabas was stoned to death at Salamis. Many other true Christians after the early disciples offered their lives for the salvation of others.

Text Box: Page|8Jesus Christ and the early apostles and believers paid a great price in the 1st century, and instead of us to continue with the same, some deceitfully use the word “mission” to rob people. The majority of Christian churches and mission agencies are established with the sole purpose of making money; they send immature cross-cultural missionaries into different countries and then announce to the world that they have missionaries worldwide reaching the unreached people and then ask for monetary donations to support these missionaries. When they are given money to support the missionaries, they send ten percent to their missionaries in the field and pocket ninety percent. Some missionaries don’t truly evangelize the unreached people groups; they only go out to take sad photos of poor people. When they see hungry children crying with dirty clothes, they buy them a loaf of bread and ask them to pose for their camera. Some venture into the mission field to take photos and record how poor people survive in mud houses in the interior villages. When they send their photos and recordings to the churches and ministries in civilized countries, people feel sympathetic and send substantial amounts of money to support the poor but only a minimal amount of that money reaches the poor if any at all! That is why we continue to hear about the same poor unreached people groups, because mission has become a business. Christians are not really into doing the work of missions, but are more interested instead in playing games. Ninety nine percent of Christian missionaries who claim they’re laboring in Islamic nations aren’t actually preaching the gospel to the Muslims. The majority travel to the Muslim nations and settle among foreign Christian communities, they minister to people who have already heard the gospel in their country before coming to do business in the Islamic world. These are the people they gather to take photos of, and then send these photos to raise money, telling people that they are preaching the gospel in the Muslim countries, but if you visit their churches, you wont see a single Muslim convert!   

Look at Africa for example; for many years, American churches have been supporting missionaries to reach the people of Africa with the gospel but Africa is still named among the unreached nations of the world, because missionaries go only to establish the names of their churches and ministries, and to use the hurting people to raise money to enrich themselves. Most missionaries will never advance towards the unreached people regions; out of fear, they settle in the area dominated by Christians, neglect the nationals (indigenes), gather other foreign believers, and then claim that there are reaching that nation.  Some agencies boast that they are “reaching the nations”, showing the resumes and photos of the poor people and the animists (traditional worshipers) causing one to assume that those are the people they’ve converted to Christianity from other religions. The truth is that they just pleaded with the people to take their photos without ministering to them, and then use their pictures to raise money. Those who’ve never visited Africa would never believe that there are cities and towns, electricity and tarred roads because all that they’ve seen are the photos of the poor interior villages of Africa the missionaries show them to raise money for themselves.

I once encountered a missionary in Niger republic who has a supporting agency in Germany, this man made much money by sending photos of poor Niger people to Germany, he built his house and a big hall that he called his church (with no members). Any time his supporters informed him that they were coming to visit him; this missionary would travel to the suffering Muslim villages in Niger and give the villagers money to fill his church to deceive his supporters. When his supporters would leave, the villagers would return to their various villages and continue with their religion. I am sure that when his supporters return to Germany, they testify how their church is growing in Niger republic, showing them the photos they took during their visit; the people will be touched and contribute money thinking that the Muslims are turning to Christ. This deception is going on worldwide especially by the denominational missionaries.

Many self acclaimed apostles and bishops will travel alone to foreign countries to preach, and when they return to their home country they will falsely testify to their congregation of the impact they made in the country they traveled.  Surprisingly you will discover that they only traveled to that foreign country to raise money in their friends’ church, their activities ended inside four walls without reaching the unbelieving people of the land. Some evangelists travel to the un-evangelized countries to hold an “open-air crusade”, after the crusade, they collect an offering from the huge crowd of unbelievers, some teachers will even ask for a “registration fee” from the poor people who want to learn about Christ.  This falsehood must be confronted with the truth, and I want to be one among those who will truly stand up against these evil practices.

My advice is to pray and allow God to direct us to know where He wants us to sow financially. May the Lord fill us with the knowledge of his will in Jesus Christ Name Amen!


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